(See Pastor’s column for an overview.)


“New Services a Big Success!”

                Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!  If you haven’t guessed by now, I am praising the Lord for the new services. You may be saying, “Hold on, Pastor, we only had one new service.”  No, we had two new services.  They were new for four reasons (there probably are more reasons, but I am only using four):

                First, as you know, we have the new times. For some, this was a little tough because to get to the early service, they had to get up a little earlier than they usually do on Sunday mornings.  But for many the times were perfect because they were already use to getting up early for school and work.  And for some who came to Sunday School and the later service, they were able to sleep in an extra half hour.  All in all, everyone seemed to be very excited about the new times. 

                Second, it was evident that there was a new excitement. People were excited to see all the new face, but I will talk about that later. People were excited to hear a new sound. I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank-you to Gerald Frederick for doing such a wonderful job planning and preparing for the 11:00 service.  The choir sounded strong and the music was great!  I also want to thank David Rogers for his many hours of planning and preparation for the early service because it paid off.  The new contemporary service was great. The Praise Band and Praise Team were tremendous. I heard so many wonderful comments on the early service.  The Spirit seemed to be so present in both of the services. 

                Third, I praise God for the people who are showing a new commitment.  I have had several people tell me that they will do whatever it takes to help make both services a great success.  To the people who said and are following through with helping in both services…THANK YOU!!!!  I also want to thank the people who are helping with the extended session ministry. You do not know how much you are a blessing by helping take care of the little ones while their parents are in worship. Thanks again for your dedication to the new worship ministries.
               Last but definitely not least, did you see all the new people!  We had so many new faces it was amazing! With the two services combined, we had at least 300 people in our worship services, even with it being a rainy Sunday morning.  You have to go back several years to have seen that many people on a Sunday morning. These were people who needed to hear the Word of God and some of those need to receive Jesus.  

                Praise the Lord! Please pray without ceasing that the Lord continues to move in a real and powerful way. And please help to get the word out that Immanuel Church is the place to be.

                                               In Christ Jesus Forever,
                                               Pastor Willie

A Heart to Build:
  • Mrs. Maxine Watford m.o. Mrs. Virginia Hill, h.o. Mrs. Edaphell Gibbs
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Turner m.o. Mr. Willie Hugh Edgerton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins m.o. Mr. Thad Munnerlyn, Mr. Wayne Hyman, Mr. Monroe Church
Unified Budget:
  • Mrs. Virginia Cox m.o. Mr. Emmett Oates, h.o. Mrs. Dorothy Oates
  • Grace Baptist Church, Florence, m.o. Mr. Willie Hugh Edgerton
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Mathias m.o. Mrs. Virginia Hill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wade O’Neal m.o. Mrs. Virginia Hill
  • Eunice Anderson Sunday School Class of Latta Baptist Church m.o. Mrs. Pearl Pierce
  • Mr. and Mrs. Earl Enzor m.o. Mrs. Virginia Hill
  • Mrs. Thurlene Stilley h.o. Mrs. Viva Gamble’s Birthday
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering:
  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lane m.o. Mr. Wayne Hyman, Mrs. Linda Jones, h.o. Mrs. Edaphell Gibbs and Family, Thurlene Stilley and Family, and Mrs. Viva Gamble
  • Mrs. Uldine King m.o. Mrs. Mattie Jenkinson and Mrs. Pearl Pierce
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Arrington m.o. Mrs. Virginia Hill, Mr. Willie Hugh Edgerton, Mr. Monroe Church, Mr. Emmett Oates, Sr., and Mr. Wayne Hyman
  • Effie Flowers Sunday School Class m.o. Mrs. Pearl Pierce, Mrs. Rosa Lee Thompson, and Mrs. Mildred Davis
  • Mrs. Maxine Watford h.o. Mrs. Thurlene Stilley and Mrs. Judy Holbrooks
  • Mrs. Viva Gamble h.o. Mrs. Ruth Thompson, Mrs. Thurlene Stilley, Mrs. Edaphell Gibbs, and Mrs. Frenchie Munnerlyn
  • Mrs. Virginia Harbin h.o. Mr. Brandon Grove
  • Miss Dora Childers h.o. Mrs. Polly Cockrell and Mrs. Viva Gamble
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tilly Thompson m.o. Doreen and Luther Thompson and U. B. and Vera Cox
  • Mrs. Jo Spears m.o. Johnny Spears
  • Mrs. Lois Gainey m.o. Mr. Archie Gainey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Woodward m.o. Madelyn and Clayton Carraway
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rich DeTemple m.o. Martha, Jack, and Edward DeTemple, and Arthur LaGrange
  • Mrs. Lib Davis h.o. Miss Dora Childers



Like the power of electricity, 
faith is believing what we do not see.
When faith guides our steps, 
life is easier.


Saturday, April 2
9:00 a.m.:  Men’s Prayer Breakfast


Sunday, April 3, 10
8:45 a.m.:  Contemporary Worship Service
10:00 a.m.:  Sunday School
11:00 a.m.:  Traditional Worship Service
6:00 p.m.:  Evening Worship Service

Monday, April 4, 11
6:45 p.m.:  Monday Home Security

Tuesday, April 5
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.:  Pancake Supper
Moody Fellowship Hall
Proceeds for Summer Youth Activities

Wednesday, April 6, 13
5:30 p.m.:  Wednesday Night Supper
6:15 p.m.:  Prayer Meeting
6:15 p.m.:  Mission Friends, GAs, RAs,
Youth Bible Study
7:15 p.m.:  Adult Choir Rehearsal

Tuesday, April 12
6:00 p.m.:  Deacons Meeting

Tuesday, April 5
5:00 - 8:00 P.M.
See Emily Gamble or
any Immanuel youth to purchase tickets!
All proceeds will go toward youth summer activities.

              Mike and Terri Brown were received into the membership of Immanuel Church on Sunday, March 20, 2005, by statement of faith (Nos. 7, 8) from Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church, Florence. 
              Glenda and Sydney Corpuz were received into the membership of Immanuel Church on Sunday, March 27, 2005, by transfer of letter (Nos. 9, 10) from Southside Baptist Church, Florence.  


              Congratulations to Troy and Ruth Southerland upon the birth of their son, Gabriel Hunter, who was born on Tuesday, March 15, 2005, weighing 7 lbs. 16 oz.  Also, congratulations to Caleb, Gabriel’s big brother.
              Christian sympathy is extended to Mrs. Thurlene Stilley upon the death of her sister, Linda Jones.
Dear Church Family,
               We sincerely thank each of you for the love and sympathy shown us during the passing of our loved one, Wayne Hyman.  We thank you for your calls and cards and every  prayer that was said on our behalf.  May God bless each of you.
                               With our love, Edaphell Gibbs and Cecelia Burbage

Dear Friends and Family,
               Words cannot express how grateful I am to everyone for their prayers and contributions toward the mission trip to Romania.  I’m so blessed to worship with people who are so supporting of missions.  I would not have been able to go if it were not for all of you.  Thank you again for your support.  I love all of you very much.
                                Emily Gamble



Immanuel’s Goal: $2,000.00
Amount Received as of March 28: $2,036.00



01 - Mrs. Gail Pierce
04 - Mrs. Becky Dixon
05 - Mrs. Chelly Hill, Mr. Trey Woodward
06 - Rev. J. R. Aiken
07 - Mrs. Debby Thames, Mr. William Griffin, Mr. Joey Miller
08 - Miss Madalynn Carter, Mrs. Ruth Thompson
09 - Mrs. Gina Altman, Mrs. Frances Hill, Mrs. Diana Graham
10 - Mrs. Robbie Brown
11 - Mr. Parker Miller
12 - Mrs. Mary Ruth Wilson
13 - Mrs. Tammy W. Ashley
15 - Mrs. Myrtle Windham, Miss Amanda Graham
19 - Mr. Jonathan Danner
20 - Mrs. Julie H. LeMaster
21 - Miss Kimberly Stubbs