Taking Care Of God’s Business

               There will be a Church Conference Wednesday, August 24, 2005.  Discussion on the proposed topics will be during Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, August 17, 2005.


Thought For Today

Church sign:
 Give God what’s right.  Not what’s left.



              Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I am truly grateful and blessed by the opportunity afforded me in recent weeks.  Never could I have imagined the good fortune of serving our Lord through work in a wonderful church like Immanuel.  It looks as if my service as Director of Youth Ministry may be extended, so I am indeed thankful for our Savior, the Immanuel congregation, and Pastor Willie.  Willie has become a teacher and mentor for me, and I value his guidance in this new phase of Christian growth.  I stand in awe at the infinite wonder of God’s grace and the doors he opens for the likes of me!
               There is much to do in nurturing daily living for Christ among our young people.  Immanuel is blessed with a small, but faithful, group that has endured frequent changes in leadership.  Through these transitions, parental support and strong individual conviction has yielded a sound base from which a fruitful youth ministry can grow.  I can think of no task within the Body of Christ that cries out with greater urgency.  
                Most are aware of the dire need to raise our youth in a strong Christian environment.   Society itself reveals the tragedy of a dwindling Church in America.  A few facts:
               1.  University of Chicago research finds Protestants losing ground within our population at an astounding rate.   The percentage of  Protestants comprising our nation dropped from 63% to 52% in  ten years! (1993-2002) This year, a country founded by Protestant  Christians, will drop below 50% in this demographic group.  Are  vacant church buildings abandoned or demolished?  The reality:   Islamic congregations are buying two per week and establishing mosques.                   
                2.  In any given week, fifteen churches will close in the United States.  Typically, only three are chartered.  Alarmingly, 90% of all new church construction is comprised of established congregations moving to new buildings. 
                 3.  To date our government has appropriated over 200 million dollars to ensure the removal of the Ten Commandments from federal and state buildings.  
                This desperate decline has convinced me that we are at war with the forces of evil.  The church has become weaker and weaker, while Christians have been “asleep at the wheel”.  Religions have become social groups that promote humanistic dogma.  An analogy that seems appropriate is to view the church as a ship.  We need to choose.  Are we a cruise ship characterized by leisure activities and self-gratification?  On the other hand, are we a battleship armed with His Word and ready to wage war against Satan for Mankind.   An integral and vital part of our battleship is its youth.  Let us be the rudder that steers future generations towards a port of eternal life.
In His Service,



Unified Budget:

  • Mrs. Betty Denham  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Arrington  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Effie Flowers Sunday School Class  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tilly Thompson  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy Powell  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McLellan  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mrs. Frances Hill  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins  h. o. Mrs. Jeanette Ham


  • Mr. James L. Childers  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mrs. Macie Childers  h.o.  Mrs.  Jeanette Ham
  • Miss Dora Childers  h.o.  Mrs. Jeanette Ham
  • Mrs. Lois Gainey  h.o.  Mrs. Polly Cockrell & Mr. Sankey Moody
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Johnson  h.o.  Mrs. Lucille McElveen  m.o.  Mr. Colin Lee
  • Mrs. Frances Haithcock  m. o.  Pearl Pierce



               My heart is overflowing with gratitude to each of you for the wonderful “Jeanette Ham Day” you gave in my honor.  I continue to be completely overwhelmed by all that was done for me.  The day was absolutely perfect!  Never have I felt so humble and so unworthy as I did as I listened to both Jerry and Willie as they gave tribute.  So many times I wanted to interrupt and tell them:  “No, I thank God for you and the dear people of Immanuel for making my job so rewarding.  God gave me that blessing!”

                Thanks to all who worked so many hours putting the details together for my day.  Thank you to the deacons who endorsed the idea and handed it over to Tilly Thompson and his committee to work out the details.  I sincerely appreciate the monetary love gifts given by the church and the members, as well as the many other remembrances given to me. Tilly Thompson, Danny Thompson, Cecelia Burbage, Lois Gainey, those on the set-up and clean-up crews, and many others worked hours and hours on my behalf.  Moody Hall was decorated so beautifully; the food was delicious; and your kind and loving remarks to me were heartwarming!  My family has said it best:  “My goodness, Jeanette, what a day!!”  Yes, it was…and I’ll treasure it in my heart forever.
                                                 With all my love, 
                                                  Jeanette Ham


Sunday, August 21
8:45 a.m.:  Contemporary Worship Service
Timmy Powers, Guest Speaker
10:00 a.m.:  Sunday School
11:00 a.m.:  Traditional Worship Service
Timmy Powers, Guest Speaker
12:00 noon Church Conference
6:00 p.m.:  Evening Worship Service

Wednesday, August 24
6:15 p.m.:  Prayer Meeting
6:15 p.m.:  Mission Friends
6:15 p.m.:  GAs and RAs
6:15 p.m.:  Youth Activities
7:15 p.m.:  Adult Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, August 28
8:45 a.m.:  Contemporary Worship Service
10:00 a.m.:  Sunday School
11:00 a.m.:  Traditional Worship Service
6:00 p.m.:  Evening Worship Service

Wednesday, August 31
6:15 p.m.:  Prayer Meeting
6:15 p.m.:  Mission Friends
6:15 p.m.:  GAs and RAs
6:15 p.m.:  Youth Activities
7:15 p.m.:  Adult Choir Rehearsal


Please Continue to be in prayer as the
Nominating Committee s seeking workers for the new church year.



To Members of Immanuel Baptist Church,
               Thank you so much for helping us reach out to the students at Francis Marion and Florence Darlington TECH with the “Welcome Back Packs.”  We have received a total of about 250 packets so far from our churches.  This will go a long way toward reaching new students through the BCM Ministry.  God bless you and your ministry.
                                                In His Glory,
                                                Kendal Danford

Immanuel Baptist Church,
               We greatly thank you for your financial contribution and welcoming us into your community with open arms, as we minister to those in the area.  We hope that the Lord was able to speak through us and you have received as much of a bless
                                               In Christ,
                                               Amber Hurt and Carrie Ann Saville

Dear Pastor and Church Family:
               Thank you for the cards, visits, prayers and all the concern shown to both of us during my recent illness.  We ask that you continue to remember us in your prayers.
                                                With Our Love,
                                                Jack and Chelly Hill

To Pastor Willie, Rev. Gerald & Anita and My Church Family,
               My family and I would like to thank you for the calls, cards and food that you gave us because of the passing of my beloved sister, Cindy Godwin.  Please continue to pray for us as we live without her.  I know, because of what Jesus did for us, that one sweet day we shall meet her again on that beautiful shore.  My God bless you all.
                                                Joyce Godbold

Dear Pastor Willie, Immanuel Church Family and Friends,
              Because of your many expressions of love, prayers and concerns, I feel that my recovery is beginning.  Also, thank you for your gifts of food, cards, phone calls and other very helpful gestures on my behalf.  Please continue to pray for us as we face each new day.

                                                In Jesus Name,
                                                Sankey Moody




20 – Mr. Bob Richards
21 – Mrs. Lynn Fountain, Miss Sydney Corpuz
22 – Mr. Brandon Lawhon, Mrs. Carolyn Davis
23 – Mrs. Jean Weaver
24 – Mrs. Lynn B. Hatchell
25 – Mrs. Barbara Woodberry
27.– Mrs. Delaine Martin, Mrs. Jean McLellan
28 – Mrs. Uldine Taylor, Mrs. Diane Miller
29 – Mrs. Lucille McElveen, Mr. Al Pierce
1 – Staci Rittmeier
4 – Lois Gainey, Bill Martin, Laurie Lynch, Betsy Thompson
5 – Michael McDowell
8 – Betty Jo Jordan
9 – Virginia Allen
10 – Bobbie Jean May Jones
13 – Lee McLellan
15 – Richard Binkley