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               On June 11, 1990, Immanuel, in partnership with Bruce Hospital (now Carolinas Hospital Systems), voted to create a childcare ministry. After the necessary changes to the buildings to accomodate safety regulations the daycare opened.                Map
 Who We Are
             When deciding on child care for your family the most important aspect is the safety of your young ones. We have an excellent reputation both with the governing groups and in the community at large. Staff members have a long tenure with us. This provides a very stable environment for children.
             Another important factor is curriculum. We use Bible stories as the basis for our teaching, but preschool skills appropriate to age levels are taught. Field trips such as strawberry picking are also included.
 Why We Do This
              Jesus taught that we should all come to Him like a small chlld. By caring for small children we are reminded how they approach things and find it easier to follow this directive. When parents must be at work they need the assurance that their child is in a place both safe and loving. This is our aim. 
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