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 Mission Statement...
             Immanuel Baptist Church - God with us...serving God, loving people, sharing the gospel.
...serving God 
             Jesus agreed that the two most important commandments were to love the LORD and then to love our neighbors.
             Serving God begins with personal and community worship. In response to this, loving neighbors in practical ways includes sharing the good news of salvation.
...loving people 
             Who is my neighbor? was asked of Jesus. Immanuel knows that the answer is all others God loves.
             We love them by cooperating to send missionaries to state, national, and worldwide sites. Our offerings also go to staff and supply emergency disaster teams and educate future leaders.
             Groups within our congregation also lead in support to the House of Hope and Operation Christmas Child.
...sharing the gospel 
             The gospel is the good news that God loves each of us and accepts us because Jesus came and lived, died,and rose from the dead. Because Jesus was resurrected physically we do not need to fear death.
              The good news is that we will continue in our spiritual relationship with God in his presence after dying until our body becomes like Jesus' in the end time.
             Sharing this good news is the most loving thing we can do for others.
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